Are you a Landlord looking for a safer and guaranteed way to rent out your property?

Would you like to rent your house out for a guaranteed period of 3-7 years?

We offer a bespoke solution for you and your property in the Peak District. The benefits can be summarised as:

  • No Voids – guaranteed rent every month for the agreed period.
  • No agencies fees – just the guaranteed monthly amount.
  • Bespoke EPC solutions option with agreement.
  • Property returned to you at end of the agreement in as good or better condition.
  • Regular inspections.
  • No maintenance fees or hassle.
  • Completely handsfree income.

Please contact us for a completely free, no obligation consultation chat on how we can help you.

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Our Team

Nigel Lough – Director

Nigel graduated with a Marketing Degree more years ago than he cares to remember. His corporate life has always been based around professional sales, across a diverse field ranging from working within media for a number of years (FT Business, Readers Digest and Express Newspaper Group) to selling luxury cars. Recently his love of everything property combined with a move to the Peak District with his young family, has been the catalyst that started Baedeca Property.

Having initially been an accidental Landlord, Nigel recognises and has experienced the difficulties first hand facing the industry which established his desire to find a better solution for himself and the market.

Claire Nightingale – Director

Claire has over 20 years in marketing strategy, brand direction and communications working both for agencies and for the last 10 years on the client side. She is lucky to have worked across a lot of industry sectors, specialising primarily in financial services, beauty and health and well being. She enjoys collaborating with a wealth of different people and coming together to solve commercial challenges.

Since moving back to her childhood home of the Peak District Claire has been working and spending time with her three children as well as Hector, the family Cocker Spaniel. Her love for the Peak District has been reignited and she is looking forward to helping people wanting to both manage property and people wanting to live in the area.

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